Welcome to Valheim-Survivalism

Server IP:
Steam Link: steam://connect/ <-- Connecting with Link doesnt always work due to early access. JOIN IP in game is preferred.

Rules: We dont have rules in other Survivalism Live games, But Valheim is a new game and it does not support as many players as our other survival games. A high number of players could result in Lag and at a later time we may be forced to lower the player limit. That being said, it is unfair to the communuty to allow Trolls / Raiding / Griefing while they're indefenceable. If you're a player transfering into Valheim-Survivalism with your items then you're vulnerable to getting Kicked and Potentially banned from survivalism.live games. If you transfer here solely for Trolling, Raiding or Griefing you will be punished.

Guidelines: We want to build this community to be attractive for others to join. Here are some ways you can help us accomplish our community goals:

  1. Allow new players to establish Wards before engaging in PVP unless you're provoked
  2. Dont try to rule the world. Do whats necessary to Protect the surrounding areas of your land claims
  3. Build Away from Boss summoners to avoid problems and to allow others to use them.
  4. Dont lure summoned bosses away from their summoners. Avoid bringing Bosses to someones base.
  5. Its Greatly appreciated to help players in need. Valheim tends to put us in situations where we need each other.

Password: In order to prevent admin interference please refer all your friends to this page for the password. We want to keep this community growing and we try our best to avoid telling people what to do. After you click the Join Link on our home page you will see a steam popup window requesting a password. Enter the password "Survivalism" and thats all there is to it. Youre in! have fun with this new game and join our discord, tell us what you think! By the way we'd dig it to see some screenshots of your builds and accomplishments so dont be afraid to share!


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