ALL Ark content from mods: Island extension CIEArkanea

ALL BIOMES -Scorched Earth Desert (South) Aberration (West), Snow Biome, Skull Island, Extinction, Gen1 OCean Pillars Lost Island, Floating Island's, Portal Island, Gen1 Lunar Biome, PortalIsland, Gen1 Bog Biome, Gen2 Spaceship, Beaver valley, Wyvern Trench

ALL BOSSESManticore, Rockwell, Dinopithecus King, Crystal Wyvern Queen, Fenrir, Beyla, Steinbjörn, Hati & Skoll  

ALL CREATURES: all Creatures from all maps are available except for Phoenix & Wyvern Heir's

lEVEL 08 Primordial Decor Crafting Benches
Level 1ECO MATIS Workbench
Level 2PlantWorld: Soil Pile,Sand Pile, Mud Mixer
Lethal Reusables: Spear
Level 4Thatch Structures
Level 7PlantWorld: Seed Storage, Search for seeds, Bamboo pipes
Level 8Fire Spit
Meat Spoiler
Level 9LR Unbreakable boomerang
Level 10

Auction House: Auctioneer, Mailbox, Sockman

Level 11Wood Structures
Primordial Decor: Bone Fence, Bone Gates
Level 14Plantworld: Shoji Structures
Level 15
Level 16Primordial Decor: Behemoth Bone Gate
Level 19

Settler Crafting Table CKFR

Level 20

Smithy / Forge
KBD Workbench
Plantworld Plus Cropplot Bench, Smoking Chamber, Butcher Table
Medieval Bench
Upgrade Station
Behempoth Wall Smithy

Level 21Precious Metals Forge
Level 20Plantworld Plus Bench
Behemoth Wall Bench
Level 22

Rebalanced Primitive Weapons Bench - 

     - Hunting Axe, Broad Arrow, Tranq Broad Arrow

Level 26Hunters Trap Game Cage: Land, Floating, DeepSea
Level 28Rebalanced Primitive Weapons Deviner
Level 29Rebalanced Primitive Weapons Hardened Ballista turret
Level 33Ultimate Elixer: Alchemy Bench, Rollrat, Strength, Crafting, Hair, Insulation, Lust, Mild Health, Pacifying, Sedative, Speed, Stamina, Stealth, Stimulattive, Strong, Stuffed, Suicide, Toxic, Weak, Weight, Small xp

Level 34Stone Structures

Level 36Huge Game Cage

Level 40S+ Farmer / Gardener

Level 42

Villager Crafting Table CKFR - Wood Teir Structures

Level 45

ECO Viking Workbench

Level 46Hunters Traps, Huge Cages
Level 50

Ultimate Elixer Fire immunuty, Fly, Mild Health, Pacifying, Rod Cell, Sonar Elixer, Stuffed , summon, toxic immunity, water summon, medium xp, famish, divine shield

Poisoned Broad Arrow / Heavy Refining Forge

Level 51Rebalanced Primitive Weapons Hardened Chain Bola /Heavy Refining Forge

Soul Traps, Sould Gun, Soul Finder

Level 55Composit bow , Composit crossbow

Level 60Masonry Table CKFR

Level 65Crossbow Turrets

Level 66Ultimate Elixer: Divine Shield, Famish, Freefall, Frog, Gender, Gillyweed, max, RodCell, Sonar, Summon, medium xp

Composit Crossbow
Falchion Sword 

Level 70

Tamable Bosses: Broodmother

Level 71Hardened Ballista, Ultra Narcotic
Level 80CKFR forge , MAssive Game Cage, Deep sea massive game cage

Level 81Rebalanced Primitive Weapons Refined Spear, Refined Sword, War Axe, Refined Arrows(Tranq,Poison)

Level 85Tamable Bosses:  Megapithecus

Level 99Ultimate Elixer: Adult
MANA Game Power: Invisibility / Double Jump

Level 100

Organic Tek Structures

Tamable Bosses: Dragon, Wyvern Queen, Dinopithicus

Level 105

Ultimate Elixer: Fashon, Gender, Lust, Taming

MANA: Game PowerWEB

Level 110MANA :Game Power:DASH

Level 115MANA : Game Power: ICE

Level 120

Level 125MANA:Game Power:Double Jump

Level 130MANA:Game Power:Lightning

Level 135

Level 145MANA : Game Power: FIRE

ARKsurvivalism PVP ModPack

Link to Steam Modpack

  • Website Integration
  • Token Shop
  • Discord Integration

Steam Integration (

  • Point Shop

Steam Workshop::WShopUI (

  • Gold Ore
  • Gold Summoner

Steam Workshop::Simple Spawners (

  • Shows detail Info about the targeted creature.
  • Shows Wild and Tamed Stats and Mutation counts.
  • Shows the tame food and amount needed for a tame.
  • Shows creature colors and the region.
  • Shows Buffs and there timers.
  • Shows All information about fertilized Eggs.
  • Shows info about supply drops.
  • Shows info about dropped item bags.
  • Shows info on structures.

Steam Workshop::Super Spyglass Plus (

  • Hover over a soul to view stats & timers
  • Intuitive catch and release system & soul gun
  • Storing of saddles/helmets/weapons/costumes (including paint, stats, skins, & quality)
  • Mating timers count down when balled
  • Idle experience is gained over time
  • Can store babies (freezes age and cuddle times)
  • Stored dinos never starve
  • Imprint and stats are retained
  • Newborn auto trapping

Steam Workshop::Dino Storage v2 (

This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favorite dino friends.


Steam Workshop::Kraken's Better Dinos (

  • Vanilla Engrams replaced with S+
  • Water Intake anywhere allowed
  • Item Pulling

Steam Workshop::Structures Plus (S+) (

  • Over 200 versatile building parts
  • Multiple Cosmetic Variants
  • Stackable Foundations
  • Corner Pillars
  • Fully Paintable Parts and Regions
  • All engrams are now pre-added to
  • CKFR masonry table
  • Enhanced Snapping
  • Vanilla Floor Sizes
  • Vanilla Snap Compatible
  • 3 full structure tiers

Steam Workshop::Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered (

ARKsurvivalism PVE ModPack
*All PVP mods are included in this modpack


-1 Adobe BehemuthWall
-1 Glass BehemuthWall
-3 Ruin BehemuthWalls
-2 Stone BehemuthWalls
-3 Wood BehemuthWalls
BehemuthWalls Stackable

-1 Adobe BehemuthWall
-3 Ruin BehemuthWalls
-2 Stone BehemuthWalls
-3 Wood BehemuthWalls

Steam Workshop::RR-BehemothWalls

This Mod adds several unique and amazing creatures to the world of ARK. Originally all created as individual mods, it has now become one single mod to ease the process of bug fixing and optimize content

Steam Workshop::ARK Additions: The Collection! (


Double Jump:

  • Allows you to Jump again shortly after the first jump to gain extra hight.
  • Uses Stamina


  • Allows you to Dash forward.
  • Uses Stamina
  • Double tap "W"

Ice Needle:

  • Allows you to Shot a Ice Needle. Damages and slightly Slows Hit Targets. If you Hit a Target 3 times it gets frozen in place.
  • Uses Mana
  • Hold Middle mouse or Thump button and hit "F"


  • Allows you to Shot a Web. Targets that are Hit by the Web are Slowed and wild creatures get a bit of torpor.
  • Uses Mana
  • Hold Middle mouse or Thump button and hit "B"


  • Allows you to get Invisible for a moment. Wild dinnos wont aggro you until you come realy close.
  • Uses Mana
  • Hold Middle mouse or Thump button and hit "G"

Lightning Beam:

  • Allows you to Fire a LIghtning Beam. Can be Used will Riding.
  • Uses Mana
  • Hold Middle mouse or Thump button and hit "R"


  • Allows you to shot a Fireball. Sets Hit Targets on Fire. Can damage Structures. ( Only in PvP. Can be disabled )
  • Uses Mana
  • Hold Middle mouse or Thump button and hit "E"

These Abilities are unlocked based on your Ark Character Level.
Your Maximum Mana is based on your Max Health amount.
Mana Regeneration is based on your Max Stamina amount.
All the Abilities Damage is inflenced by your Melee Damage Stat.

Steam Workshop::Animals Of Atlas (

Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Human NPC villages can be protected by X Plants, (Off by Default) - This can be turned on by adding TurretsAllowed=1 in the GUS settings under [Human_NPCs]
Some Human NPC villages can grow into towns now.

Human NPC's now send out raiding parties to attack player bases. (You can put a No NPC attack sign at your base to prevent your base from being attacked)

Steam Workshop::Human NPCs (

2 Chibis - Jaguar and Maned Wolf
23 Custom Recipes distinct to this region
Emperor Tamarin Monkey (Monkey Skin, Upgrade available via the Crafting Table)
Jaguar (Saber Saddle, Extra Melee Buff, Upgrade available via the Crafting Table)
Maned Wolf (Wolf Saddle, Extra Melee Buff, Upgrade available via the Crafting Table)
Small, Medium, and Large Huts (Can build inside)
Dino-Powered Fan (When placed in Huts provides Cooling Buff)
Leaf Door
Dino Basket, Egg Basket, & Skull Basket (Handheld Decor)
Blow Dart Gun (Shoots high Topor Poison Darts)
Bone Weapon (Hatchet Skin with increased Damage)
Poison Tool (Pick Skin - Use on dead Frogs to get Poison for your Darts)
Egg Beater (Club Skin - Use on Tamed, Female Dodos for a chance to get Dodo Eggs)
Milk Bucket (Club Skin - Use on Tamed, Female Ovis or Shinehorns for a chance to get Milk)
Single Bed (Can lay on, Fast Travel, Respawn Point)
Large Bed (Can lay on, Fast Travel, Respawn Point)
Cup, Plate, Food Display (With extended spoil timer within inventory slot)
Food Storage Baskets (With extended spoil timer)
Stone Oven (Prepare Empire specific meals as well as cook meat, Stews, and Dyes)
Matis Banner
Long Table
Mats (Seats)
Dino-Powered Grinding Mill (Grind ingredients for meals as well as Motar & Pestle Items)
Standing and Wall Torches (Requires no power, provides constant light source)
Water Catcher (Collects water to fill water containers)

Steam Workshop::eco's Empires - Matis (

About Ultimate Elixirs

Ultimate Elixirs contains 40 elixirs originally from Gaia 2. They have been reworked and expanded to function as a standalone mod that can be used with ANY other mods.

Steam Workshop::Ultimate Elixers (

  • Blood Extractor - 5x use speed (configurable)
  • Bola
  • Boomerang - Doesn't randomly break
  • Camera
  • Camera Purple Dye
  • Climbing Pick
  • Converter Well - Converts some items to reusables
  • Delivery Crate - Item returned at destination
  • Fish Basket - (configurable)
  • Fishing Net
  • Flare Gun - Can aim while riding
  • Gas Mask - No durability drain except damage
  • Glider - No durability drain except damage (configurable)
  • Glow Stick
  • Grappling Bow - Works on Aberration (configurable)
  • Hazard Suit - No durability drain except damage
  • Lasso
  • Mind Wipe - Keeps engrams, 100% no exploit guarantee (configurable)
  • Miner's Helmet - 2.5x brighter, no durability drain except damage
  • Night Vision Goggles - No durability drain except damage
  • Parachute
  • Pliers
  • Re-Fertilizer - 2x use speed, 3x range
  • Scissors - Ability to toggle hair growth off/on
  • Scuba Tank - No durability drain except damage
  • Soap - Can't accidentally consume
  • Spear - Doesn't randomly break, doesn't dupe with thrown pick-ups
  • Taxidermy Tool
  • Tent - No durability drain, except damage
  • Torch - No durability drain, unless thrown
  • Water Tank - Infinite water, can drink from, fills water containers
  • Whip

Lethals Reusables

Medieval Warfare is a weapon, siege engine, and in the future King of the Hill mini game mod.

In its current state the mod offers 8 unique new weapons. It also offers primitive forms of base raiding. You are able to use Trebuchets, Mangonels, Catapults, Ballistae, Siege Ladders and Towers and various bronze and iron age weapons. We will be adding over time more unique medieval weapons to enhance, and add to the primitive medieval warfare experience. There are a few surprises such as Rockwells Macrophage plague shot; the trebuchets can launch into enemy bases as well as the Ballista tether used to snare and keep a target right where you want them. This mod is set up to bring a whole new dynamic to primitive combat in all the arks!

Steam Workshop::Medieval Warfare (

This mod just adds some new primitive style bows, crossbows, swords, axes, and spears into the game as well as some buffed traps. They are created using the new resources that spawn on the map

3 Tiers Re-enforced/Composite/refined

Bows - As in normal ark bows don\'t hit as hard as crossbows but their rate of fire means dps is very similar. Unfortunately I haven\'t yet been able to make good enough animations for the models I have so these are just retextured primitive bows.
Crossbows - They hit harder and deliver more torpor
Arrows - All new tiers of bow and crossbow use new arrows with new recipes/resource requirements. This ranges from slightly more efficient that standard tranq arrows to slightly better than shocking tranq darts at the top tier.

Swords - These are sharp.
Axes - The upper tiers also apply a bleed to the victim.
Spears - These are all throwable doing 3 times damage to the victim but you may not get it back.

Hardened chain bola - Expensive but holds for 3 minutes. A nice alternative to making the same gate trap Ive made 1000 times. Must be fired from hardened ballista.
Hardened bear trap - More expensive that regular but it will hold for 1 minute.

Concentrated Narcotic - This and the tier above just offer slightly more efficient narcotic options for the input.
Crushed Metal - Just process regular metal into this at the weapon bench.
Finely Crushed Metal - Just process crushed metal into this at the weapon bench.
Hardened Metal Ingot - These are made by smelting crushed metal and coal in a furnace.
Metal Alloy Ingot - These are made by smelting finely crushed metal, molybdenum and coal in a furnace.

Steam Workshop::ECOS Tek Decor (