ARKsurvivalism PVP ModPack

Link to Steam Modpack

  • Website Integration
  • Token Shop
  • Discord Integration

Steam Integration (

  • Point Shop

Steam Workshop::WShopUI (

  • Gold Ore
  • Gold Summoner

Steam Workshop::Simple Spawners (

  • Shows detail Info about the targeted creature.
  • Shows Wild and Tamed Stats and Mutation counts.
  • Shows the tame food and amount needed for a tame.
  • Shows creature colors and the region.
  • Shows Buffs and there timers.
  • Shows All information about fertilized Eggs.
  • Shows info about supply drops.
  • Shows info about dropped item bags.
  • Shows info on structures.

Steam Workshop::Super Spyglass Plus (

  • Hover over a soul to view stats & timers
  • Intuitive catch and release system & soul gun
  • Storing of saddles/helmets/weapons/costumes (including paint, stats, skins, & quality)
  • Mating timers count down when balled
  • Idle experience is gained over time
  • Can store babies (freezes age and cuddle times)
  • Stored dinos never starve
  • Imprint and stats are retained
  • Newborn auto trapping

Steam Workshop::Dino Storage v2 (

This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favorite dino friends.


Steam Workshop::Kraken's Better Dinos (

  • Vanilla Engrams replaced with S+
  • Water Intake anywhere allowed
  • Item Pulling

Steam Workshop::Structures Plus (S+) (

  • Over 200 versatile building parts
  • Multiple Cosmetic Variants
  • Stackable Foundations
  • Corner Pillars
  • Fully Paintable Parts and Regions
  • All engrams are now pre-added to
  • CKFR masonry table
  • Enhanced Snapping
  • Vanilla Floor Sizes
  • Vanilla Snap Compatible
  • 3 full structure tiers

Steam Workshop::Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered (

  • Over 75 versatile building parts
  • Multiple Cosmetic Variants
  • Stackable Foundations
  • Corner Pillars
  • Full Color Customization on Parts and Regions
  • Enhanced Snapping
  • Vanilla Snap Compatible
  • Adobe Cooling on all parts

Steam Workshop::Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction (

ARKsurvivalism PVE ModPack
*All PVP mods are included in this modpack

The Paleo ARK expansion transforms the Ark into a true experience based on my Paleo ARK cinematic series on my YouTube channel! This mod adds a bunch of new variants, several new species, and mini-bosses based on the characters from the episodes themselves. They roam about your ARK, ready to be defeated for rewards, or to be tamed and aid you in PvP or boss arenas!

Steam Workshop::Paleo ARK: Legends Expansion (

This Mod adds several unique and amazing creatures to the world of ARK. Originally all created as individual mods, it has now become one single mod to ease the process of bug fixing and optimize content

Steam Workshop::ARK Additions: The Collection! (

Welcome to Animals of Atlas, the mod that adds the Animals of Atlas into Ark.

This mod imports Atlas Creatures into Ark, giving them their own identity and abilities. The focus will be largely on the actual animals of Atlas

Steam Workshop::Animals Of Atlas (

Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Human NPC villages can be protected by X Plants, (Off by Default) - This can be turned on by adding TurretsAllowed=1 in the GUS settings under [Human_NPCs]
Some Human NPC villages can grow into towns now.

Human NPC's now send out raiding parties to attack player bases. (You can put a No NPC attack sign at your base to prevent your base from being attacked)

Steam Workshop::Human NPCs (

Additional Aberrant Dinos, the mod that adds additional dinos, that are aberrant.

All additional dinos have the Aberrant health reduction and damage increase, as well as the snazzy glowy light effects that we all love, all are breedable, lay eggs and all that jazz.

Steam Workshop::Additional Aberrant Dinos (

Shiny will populate your Ark with a number of rare and special Dinos, which you can tame for their colors, their special abilities, or just their higher level. Or you can hunt them for the rewards.

Shiny Dinos are made from over 40 unique and distinct color sets, drawing from all available colors in the game, including the new Genesis colors and Dye colors, which were carefully arranged to produce beautiful Dinos which still look natural, but very different from what you are used to on the Ark.

Steam Workshop::Shiny! Dinos (

From the creators of the original crystal isles mod we strived to bring back these wonderful and bright mythical dino's for people to tame again and include new ones based on the discord communities picks.

Steam Workshop::Crystal Isles Dino Addition (

Arkitect Structures: Corefull set of CKFR-sized, vanilla-themed structure parts. 7 Tiers total including Thatch, Wood, Stone, Adobe, Metal, Tek, and Greenhouse.

Arkitect Structures: Atlas: An optional addon mod that contains the 3 structure tiers from the game Atlas (Thatch, Wood, Stone), which have been rebuilt from scratchSteam Workshop::Arkitect Structures (Atlas) (

-Adds S+ style snaps to CKF parts

Steam Workshop::Snap Fixer Plus (

Arkitect is a highly configurable mod designed to improve the crafting, spawning, and building experience. It offers an item browser, and a universal crafting bench.

- Arkitect Hammer - Learn the engram, craft it, and use it to gain the Arkitect Hammer buff, which gives you access to the main feature of the mod, the Item Menu. (Press Reload key to open it)
- You can browse the available items on your server, craft them with ease. You can also select structures from the menu which will close the menu and put the structure in placement mode, without having to juggle structures in and out of your hotbar.

Arkitect Crafting Bench -It can craft any normally-craftable item from official or other mods assuming it is configured to do so. It solves a problem with other universal crafting table mods, one that causes the player to disconnect if too many mod blueprints are in the table.

Steam Workshop::Arkitect (